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Teiid offers a relational abstraction of all information sources that is highly performant and allows for integration with your existing relational tools. Teiid has an accompanying easy-to-use design tool that enables data architects to integrate disparate information in minutes.

Teiid has a long history of addressing the data access needs of any size enterprise environment. Have a look at Why Teiid? and the FAQ to see if this project is a good fit for your needs.

Teiid is open source and has been a part of the JBoss Community of projects for over 10 years.

Core Teiid Components

Components/Tooling for EAP/WildFly

You can even start with Teiid Basics section to learn about Virtual Databases (VDBs), models, connector bindings, and more.

So, why wait, let’s go..

Teiid Basics

  • Virtual Databases - Learn about how Teiid encapsulates your data access as a database.
  • Models - Learn about how Teiid represents metadata.
  • Connectors - Learn about how Teiid connects to enterprise information systems.
  • Data Access Services - Learn about how Teiid exposes data access service.