Teiid 15.0.1 Released

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Teiid 15.0.1 is now available for download and includes 16 total issues addressed.

Teiid 15.0.1 has been released addressing 16 total issues:

  • [TEIID-6016] - oracle pushdown of day of week is not iso compatible
  • [TEIID-6018] - jayway json processing logic returns single object values as just maps, not JSONObject
  • [TEIID-6022] - xmlelement with a default namespace throws exception
  • [TEIID-6028] - Class cast exception with costing xmlquery
  • [TEIID-6030] - OFFSET LIMIT is not work in multiple joins SOQLs
  • [TEIID-6031] - Different row sets with requests
  • [TEIID-6032] - Salesforce retrieve used with NOT IN
  • [TEIID-6033] - Salesforce update/delete with id IN (values) throws a cast class exception
  • [TEIID-6035] - Allow compound filters in POLICY
  • [TEIID-6042] - Escaping not work in PreparedStatements executed in Salesforce connector
  • [TEIID-6043] - Postgres/MSSQL: query with sum or avg of null value fails
  • [TEIID-6044] - MSSQL: upper results in NPE
  • [TEIID-6046] - LEFT JOIN produces incorrect result if is not pushed down and has a filtering condition put to ON clause
  • [TEIID-6047] - Comments become source hints and cause NPE
  • [TEIID-6048] - NPE on query planning
  • [TEIID-6050] - Unable to MASK data using odata-sample

Several of these are fairly important and will require a 14.0.2 soon. The 13.1.x branch was updated with critical/blocker fixes in case you want to create your own release from there.

Thank you, Steve

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