Teiid 13.1.0 Released

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Teiid 13.1.0 is now available for download and includes 37 total issues addressed.

The feature highlights for 13.1 are:

  • TEIID-5874 added support for transactional Infinispan/JDG access. Support for cache aliasing was removed.
  • TEIID-5896 added support for EXTRACT QUARTER and EPOCH.
  • TEIID-5798 added the POLICY construct to replace specifying a CONDITION on a permission.

See all 37 issues in JIRA and see the Release Notes. Special thanks go out to Cristoph John, Ken Geis, Renat Eskenin, Scott Seaton for reporting several important issues.

If you are on 12.x or older, please review the Migration Guide when upgrading.

Teiid 13.0.3 will be released in approximately 6 weeks. Beyond that we will likely move on to a Teiid 14 rather than releasing a Teiid 13.2.

Also know that the documentation for 13.1+ has been getting a bit of an overhaul to align the community asciidoc source with productization efforts. If you find anything amiss - such as a broken link - it is likely due to some of this work. We’ll backport fixes as to keep the teiid.github published docs in working order.

Thank you, The Teiid Team

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