Teiid 13.0.0 Released

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Teiid 13.0.0 is now available for download and includes 38 total issues addressed including updated WildFly support.

Teiid 13.0.0 updates WildFly support to 17.0.0 and Olingo support to 4.7.

The feature highlights for 13.0 are:

  • TEIID-3522 added support for some OData aggregation via the apply option - including top level aggregation (aggregate), grouping (groupby), and filtering (filter).
  • TEIID-5740 added support for an EXPLAIN statement.

See all 38 issues in JIRA. Special thanks go out to Cristoph John, geman tejero, Leonid Remennik, Marco Ardito, Mark Tawk, Mike Higgins, Renat Eskenin for reporting several important issues.

This release is light on features, but does include quite a few cleanups affecting quite a few areas of the project. Please review the Migration Guide and Release Notes when upgrading. In particular note that the teiid admin and api jars have been merged.

Teiid 12.2.2 will be released shortly. You can expect a 13.0.x fix release in 4-5 weeks and 13.1.0 in 8-12 weeks.

Thank you, The Teiid Team

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