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What to expect for Teiid 12.x and 13.x

It should be clear over the last year there has been quite a few changes with Teiid, online collateral, and associated projects. Moving foward we are looking to align with the broader Red Hat integration product on OpenShift utilizing Fuse and 3Scale. The goal is to have Teiid providing integration and virtualization features for a robust hybrid integration platform.

What to expect: * Beetle Studio will be targeted for inclusion in link:https://syndesis.io/[Syndesis]. It will likely also have a standalone capability. * There will be no future releases of AdminShell nor Teiid Designer targeting later Teiid community versions. * Teiid core will keep up the pace of approximately 2 month minor releases but we’ll cut back on fix releases - 1 or 2 per minor release as dictated by blocker / critical issues. * Greater focus on OpenShift / Kubernetes usability. Some of this work has already started - for example OpenTracing integration or JMX metrics which we’ll be refining for Prometheus. More will need down toward building in better scaling and a replacement for the direct usage of JGroups. We’ll also continue to simplify configuration to make it more container friendly, and remove legacy compatibility that’s no longer needed.

Teiid Runtimes: * WildFly - support has been updated to 14.0.1. * Thorntail - We have started maintaining our own api / fraction to stay more current Teiid releases - link:https://issues.redhat.com/browse/TEIID-5536 Thorntail 2.x is a supported RHOAR runtime, and the initial Beetle Studio publishing of VDBs will be into images based upon Thorntail 2.x. * Spring Boot - The current code is based upon the familiar JPA model. We’ll also be taking a look at if a more VDB centric approach, similar to Thorntail, is feasible/beneficial. * Embedded - support has been updated to build / run under Java 11.

Thanks, Steve

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