Teiid 11.2.0 and 10.3.5 Released

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Teiid 11.2.0 is now available for download. 44 total issues were addressed including adding two new data types.

Please see the Migration Guide and release notes when upgrading.

The feature highlights for 11.2 are:

  • TEIID-5461 Added parsing and pushdown support for the window frame clause.
  • TEIID-5316 Engine processing of window functions using the frame clause.
  • TEIID-3931 Added support for exposing geometry values as OData geometry types.
  • TEIID-5480 Added general support for Geography values, including some system functions, OData exposure, and source support.
  • TEIID-4932 Added a UDF metadata repository for loading UDFs from a class.
  • TEIID-5459 Added support for COUNT_BIG. Also added long versions of the analytical ranking functions - ROW_NUMBER, RANK, DENSE_RANK - which can be enabled by the system property org.teiid.longRanks.
  • TEIID-5499 Added a JSON type.

See all 44 issues in JIRA. Special thanks go out to dalax dalax, Don Krapohl, and Ken Geis for reporting several important issues.

Teiid 10.3.5 is now available for download and addresses 3 issues:

  • [TEIID-5466] - Sessions are not being cleaned up in vdb reuse scenarios
  • [TEIID-5477] - Incorrect results with lead/lag over windows with duplicates
  • [TEIID-5485] - JOIN of a table and sub-query containing DISTINCT and table function of a procedural call with arguments fails

That will be the last community release on the 10.x line.

Thanks, Steve

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