Teiid 12.1.0 Released

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Teiid 12.1.0 is now available for download and includes 58 total issues addressed including updated WildFly support.

Teiid 12.1.0 not only updates WildFly support to 15.0.1 it has take major steps toward isolating our WildFly usage to improve Teiid usage on other platforms, such as Spring Boot.

The feature highlights for 12.1 are:

  • TEIID-5580 TEIID-2957 Mongodb improvements to support 4.x and local / one phase commit transactions.
  • TEIID-5629 Upgraded to WildFly 15.0.1.
  • TEIID-5555 OpenAPI metadata generation for OData.
  • Many component upgrades and dependency updates to - jts, apache accumulo, apache poi, jackson-databind, and others as part of the WildFly upgrade.

Additionally this release enables an update of Teiid Thorntail - the release is due tomorrow.

See all 58 issues in JIRA. Special thanks go out to dalex dalex, Bram Gadeyne, Christoph John, George Ushakov, and Mark Twak for reporting issues.

You can expect a fix release in 4-5 weeks, and 12.2.0 in 8-12 weeks.

Thank you, The Teiid Team

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