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Teiid is a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogeneous data stores.

Teiid is comprised of tools, components and services for creating and executing bi-directional data access services.

Through abstraction and federation, data is accessed and integrated in real-time across distributed data sources without copying or otherwise moving data from its system of record.




Latest Release Announcement: 10.3.1 Released on May 21th, 2018

Teiid 10.3.1 for Wildfly 11.0.0 is now available. The main features are:

  • TEIID-5293 Added implicit partition wise joining in non-multisource scenarios as well.
  • TEIID-5308 Added ENV_VAR and SYS_PROP functions and clarified the usage of the ENV function.
  • TEIID-4745 Added a polling query to trigger the reload of materialized views.
  • TEIID-5317 Added ODBC 3.0 functions current_time, current_date, current_timestamp.
  • TEIID-5314 Environment variables can now be used instead of or to override system properties.
  • TEIID-5307 Added more information_schema tables for pg compatibility.
  • TEIID-4864 Added update support to the Excel translator.